Mrs. Winner’s Featured in USA Today


Fast Food Fried Chicken Done Right at Mrs. Winner’s
Larry Olmsted, USA Today, June 2015

“The scene: At first glance, Mrs. Winner’s looks like any other roadside fast food franchise, and in the fried chicken realm, could easily be another KFC. You order at a counter, above which is a generic menu sign, and you eat at easy-to-clean synthetic tables or get takeout in paper bags. Behind the counter are baskets of fried chicken ready to be placed into various sizes of boxes with tongs. However, upon closer inspection, some unique touches appear, including menu items not typically found at KFC or Popeyes, like chicken livers, gizzards and fresh fried okra, all of which are cooked to order when requested. At first bite, the difference becomes more obvious, as the chain has a long and rich tradition of bringing more authentic Southern tastes alive.”

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