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Become part of our home style, Southern tradition, served with a side of love for over 30 years.

We’re currently awarding franchises to operate quick-service restaurants serving our loyal and passionate customers throughout the southeastern United States. Our franchisees have the rights to use a proven system that includes:

  • Site evaluation
  • Equipment selection and layout
  • Accounting methods
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising, sales, and promotion
  • Training and operations
  • Proprietary food preparation and service

With Mrs. Winner's Chicken & Biscuits, you’re in a unique position to take advantage of growth opportunities in a very attractive industry segment. New-unit growth opportunities are available in the bone-in chicken segment, especially in the south, where our brand is already very well-known to the consumer. We are an established brand associated in the public mind with good tasting food and “Bigger, Better Chicken” and a legacy of high quality food. We are poised to generate new unit growth through the Southeast.

Why Mrs. Winner's Chicken & Biscuits? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Join an established brand celebrating 35 years in the Southeast.
  • Work with a proven operating system developed by industry veterans to support you every step of the way.
  • We have sites available NOW in key markets. No waiting for qualified franchisees.
  • Strong brand recognition in the Southeast where customers miss us big time!
  • Franchisee-focused stores used for training and product development.
  • Leadership team with the experience to bring an outstanding brand experience to franchisees, guests, and vendors.
  • Financing is available through third-party Benetrends Financial. Please review the attached Mrs. Winner’s Benetrends funding program. Use our fund tool calculator to learn more about the financing options available to you: https://www.benetrends.com/funding-tool/mrs.winners.
  • Mrs. Winner's Chicken & Biscuits is listed with the Franchise Registry as a pre-approved business concept with the Small Business Administration (SBA). That saves qualified individual borrowers from jumping through hoops to prove that our franchise concept works, and, instead, allows you to move straight into the lead qualification process.

Take the next step to become a member of our family: click on Get Started and send your request today! Thank you.

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**


We’re looking for just the right combination of tangible and intangible qualities. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s hard to put into words, and it’s even harder to find. There are definitely skills that are helpful (which we’ll list below), but there are also the intangible, personal qualities.

In our Mrs. Winner’s franchise family, integrity is the foundation of everything we do – from the way we treat our customers and employees, to the way we prepare our products and conduct our business.

For those reasons, integrity is at the top of our “must have” list. Here are a few other things we’re looking for:

Previous business experience:
Simply put, we’re looking for people with a little know-how – those who are familiar with the business world.

Customer service background:
In order to be successful in bringing the Mrs. Winner’s experience to your market, you’ll need a heart for customer service, and the experience to get it right.

Restaurant experience:
Although this is not a requirement, any amount of experience in food service is helpful.

Appreciation for proven systems:
Your ability to see the value of our proven systems, and the talent to follow them, is very important to us.

Your ability to obtain funding:
In other words, your ability to financially qualify for the Mrs. Winner’s franchise opportunity.

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**

Get Started

If you've read through our qualifications, you should have a pretty good idea for what we look for in our franchisees. Please complete the below form and a member of our franchise development team will contact you. Thank you!

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Now let’s think through the numbers.
When we turn to the financial side of the Mrs. Winner’s franchise opportunity, here are the numbers involved:

Initial investment:
$150,000 - $500,000, without land
Franchise fee:
Ongoing royalty: 4%
Brand fund: 2%
Local marketing required spend: 2%

Multi-Unit Investment Snapshot

Multi-unit fee:
$20,000 x number of restaurants required (Paid when the Multi-Unit Agreement is signed)
$20,000 is credited to the franchise fee when you open each restaurant covered by the Multi-Unit Agreement.

Franchise fee:
$40,000 for the first restaurant
$32,000 for restaurants 3 – 5
$25,000 for restaurants 6 and more (Paid as each individual Franchise Agreement is signed)
Ongoing royalty: 4%
Brand fund: 2%
Local marketing required spend: 2%

Total amount:
$200,000 minimum liquidity

If this works for you so far, let’s talk. We’d love the chance to tell you more.


We’ve been serving up quality home-style Southern food since 1979 and that’s the way we plan to keep running our company.

Plus, we understand that Mrs. Winner’s can only be as good as each of its individual franchise owners. That's why we provide not only the physical tools and processes needed to operate a Mrs. Winner’s restaurant, but also the emotional support and ongoing guidance you’ll appreciate. So you can have fun in the process!

Here’s how we support our franchisees in the following areas:

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**

Real Estate

1,500 – 2,500 sq ft
15+ dedicated parking spaces
Unobstructed visibility and prominent signage from primary road
Excellent site ingress and egress
Drive through window

Other factors we take into consideration:
Area demographics
Area traffic generators
Area traffic patterns

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**


Initial training program: Our comprehensive pre-opening program includes 3 to 5 weeks of training for you and your Operating Principal and General Manager in Atlanta, GA and at our Stockbridge, GA location, depending on your prior operations experience. Our initial training program includes both classroom and on-the-job experience.

Classroom training: This covers Mrs. Winner’s operational standards, including hiring and training employees, putting together an effective marketing plan, use of the point-of-sale system, managing the financial aspects such as labor and food costs, and much more.

Hands-on training: Your in-restaurant training takes place inside an operating Mrs. Winner’s restaurant, providing hands-on experience with food preparation, inventory tracking, product ordering and receiving, and catering. This training lasts up to five weeks. Once you’ve completed our training program, you’ll know just what it takes to run a smooth Mrs. Winner’s operation.

Store setup and onsite training: During the period leading up to, and immediately following, your Grand Opening, our Opening Support Team will provide up to four days in-restaurant training for your employees. After your restaurant opens for business, our support team will remain onsite to ensure that you get up and running smoothly, and work out any kinks with you and your team. Forever.

Ongoing support: For the duration of your franchise agreement, you can call on us for guidance and support. Need to train new managers? Want to request an in-store visit? We are ready and willing to help. Remember, your success is our success, and we’re in this together.

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**


When your Mrs. Winner’s location opens, people are going to know.

At Mrs. Winner’s, we don’t believe in opening quietly. In fact, we want to build anticipation in our loyal customers who’ve been asking us, “When y’all comin’ back?” You’ve got the "Wow! They’re back!" factor working for you.

When your doors open, be ready to greet folks who are happy to see you.

Mrs. Winner’s reputation is strong. In fact, there’s hardly a day we don’t hear from customers throughout the south asking us to open locations near them.

Beyond the consistent word-of-mouth that creates lines out the door, here are a few of the ways we help you maintain a presence in your market:

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have been BIG for us! We’ll help you get your local social media presence up and running, since it’s often the best and least expensive way to make your followers aware of specials.

Web Presence

Your customers are going to search for your location online. That’s for sure. When they do, they’ll see a fresh, state-of-the-art website with loads of information.

FiveStars Customer Loyalty Program

We have joined forces with FiveStars, a national award-winning customer loyalty program, which gives our customers the opportunity to earn points towards future visits. Customers love it!

Traditional Marketing

Our marketing team is ready to share advertising and marketing methods that have proven effective with us and for other brands as well. We’ll help you adapt these best practices to your local market.

Public Relations

Remember that “wow factor” we talked about? We’ve got our PR team coming up with new ideas to keep Mrs. Winner’s in the public eye – from online articles to your local paper.

**Please note, applications for in-store employment must be completed in person at the respective store**

Franchise FAQs

Have a question? Chances are, we’ve answered it below.

How much money does it take to buy a Mrs. Winner’s franchise?
The initial investment for a Mrs. Winner’s single-unit franchise ranges from approximately $150,000 - $500,000 (without land). Additional financing may be necessary depending upon your location.

Does Mrs. Winner’s provide financing?
Although Mrs. Winner’s does not provide direct or indirect financing, we can introduce you to one of our preferred lenders.

What kind of professional experience should I have?
Mrs. Winner’s provides a comprehensive program of new franchisee training, but there are some skills we would prefer you bring to the table, including previous business experience and an appreciation for proven systems. Also very valuable are previous restaurant experience and a heart for hospitality. And, of course, above all else, the Mrs. Winner’s franchise family prizes applicants with a high level of integrity.

Must a franchisee personally manage his or her own store?
We prefer our single-unit franchisees to be hands-on owner/ operators. However, we understand that, especially in a multi-unit scenario, other managers will be required. It’s best for you, and for us, when these managers exhibit the same level of hands-on dedication that an owner would.

Are multi-unit franchise agreements available?
Yes, most of our available territories are wide open for multi-unit development.

What kind of ongoing support does Mrs. Winner’s provide its franchisees?
We provide site development assistance; initial management and operations training; ongoing business consultation; comprehensive certified training for the franchisee and key managers; post-opening onsite training; high quality point-of-purchase and local store marketing materials; and operations support for quality, service and cleanliness.

Are there ongoing royalty fees?
Yes, our ongoing royalty fee is 4% of gross revenues, and 2% for brand advertising.

Still have questions.
If our FAQs haven't answered your questions, just shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help. Email us your questions: